I don’t know if this is the result of the common New-Year-new-me mantra that most people adopt the first week of January, or if I’m reconnecting with the old me (I blogged consistently for 5 years, 2006-2010), but no matter the reason, I’ve decided to launch this blog. 

As an introvert that constantly seeks a creative outlet, but finds Twitter too restricting and requires impulsivity, finds Facebook too political, like dropping raw meat in the middle of a pack of wolves, and finds creating frequent youtube videos too daunting for a filmmaker plagued with perfectionism, blogging seems to be a nice compromise. 

I say this jokingly, but this will be my “safe space”, where I will get the voices out of my head (and into yours, sorry!), so that I may move beyond these thoughts. You can’t just consume information, you must have a release, an outlet, to make room for new consumption. I’ll warn you, some posts may be for selfish reasons (venting), other posts will hopefully be for unselfish reasons (sharing information that may be useful to you). I would love for this blog to find reciprocity with its readers, or… reader. I know that I at least have one. Hi Mom!

Cutting to the chase (an odd saying that just made me google what it comes from), let’s get to the fun part of this not-so-action-packed non-film: welcome to my new blog! 

I already have many ideas of what I want to write about, things that keep me up all night and many topics entirely unrelated to why I’ve become a “public figure” (my family insists that’s what I am now). The past two years have been spent releasing my documentary The Red Pill, a project that I am so proud of, beyond words, but is also just a slice of what consumes my existence – my Being (i.e. thoughts, emotions, absorption of my physical and spiritual world… did I lose you yet? I promise I rarely say the word “spiritual”, why did I use it on my first post?). 

There are many topics that interest me, that’s why I became a filmmaker, particularly a documentary filmmaker, which can be distilled down to a story seeker that becomes the storyteller. I’m not an activist or a political pundit, or a saleswoman, or someone with the secret sauce to life that is on a mission to enlighten the masses. What I am is a chronic thinker and observer that releases what I absorb through making films, or in this case – writing. I’m a little bit of a nomad in regards to ideas and schools of thought. I rarely place my flag down on any stance, and if I do, I have a hand shovel on standby in case new information proves me wrong. Not saying I’m wishy-washy…. or maybe I am? No, I’m not. Well, mostly.


I hope you’ll stick around for my upcoming posts. Some will be silly, others will cover some very serious topics with care, but the one consistent principle that I vow to uphold is authenticity. If I try to maintain an image, it will become too much work and I will fail, but if I always stay grounded and true to who I am in any given chapter of my life, it’ll be easier for me to continue. I will likely (hopefully) evolve in my thoughts and writing skills over time, I may not always be polished or have all of the facts straight, but I hope you’ll respect the journey I’m on and allow me space to explore and grow. 

Thank you for visiting.

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